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    Phone: (905) 515-3630
    Email: alex.guedes@marinete.com

    Marinete Enterprise Inc. is the leading custom homes builder in your neighbourhood. Our custom homes
    are created with durable wood therefore, satisfaction is ensured. Marinete takes every precaution in
    ensuring that your custom homes are built in the safest fashion possible, whether it’s for a sturdy
    foundation, or an efficient rooftop. Other than custom homes, Marinete has expertise in the following
    woodwork or construction service fields: custom woodwork, specialty woodwork, custom millwork, and
    architectural millwork. Although we take pride in providing our customers a wide variety of woodwork and
    construction services, our chief priority has been and always will be custom home building in North America.
    Make the knowledgeable choice and choose Marinete to build your custom homes.

    Contact us today to find the right custom homes building service that suits your needs!